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It really feels like this actually existed at one point in time, but that feeling is just too scary. The video scares me to a 'rape my childhood' point.


This is simply flawless.The animation is never over exaggerated or slow, the soundtrack fits perfectly at every point and the entertainment value never falters, not to mention a solid story. This is a true work of art in every aspect and it(the whole Brackenwood series) deserves the praise and respect it has been given. It is of a level of professionalism you rarely see from the internet, while still clinging to what we all know and love of flash animation.

I loved it.

This is what the internet was made for. Not porn, not polotics, but rediculous, random, sex-less comedy.

I tip my hat to you and your brother, good day.

Lord-Sonx responds:

i tip my hat back to you in gratatude

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Excellent delivery

Fantastic delivery, great way to fit in the visual style.

A little bit of a problem at first but you get used to it later on. The music an everything is something to admire.


Very different

This is probably one of the most intriguing game I have ever played, next to Braid. The longer I was in, the more the fabric of reality tore around me. I actually felt a sense of fear erupt in me, and yet I continued to dig further.

My only question is this: What are the gems? Fuel? Some sort of drug? A type of nutrient?

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Great job! Little critique though, the motion is a little hard to follow, I'd highly reccommend trying smear frames!

Keep it up!

sirbowlerhat responds:

Thanks! :)

Oh man I love these

Nice work on all of these models! Don't be afraid to try a bit more definition in your characters though, push the envelope and see what happens!

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks very much! Most of these are ones I did a few months ago so you'll hopefully see a gradual improvement as I upload more images. I've only just discovered Blender's sculpt mode so I feel like a dunce for not realising that was there before, haha. It's definitely going to help future models.

Hi I like video games
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